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Notes from the American Elections. The last two weeks of the campaign

By Joe DiMento.  Unless there is a major news item that I might be able to interpret in the next ten days this will be my last column before we know who the President of the United States will be in January. Today I give some interpretations of what has happened since I last reported and what we can expect in the final pushes of the two candidates, and their parties. The last debate The theme of the fourth ...

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Notes from the American Elections – The Debates/ i dibattiti presidenziali

By Joe DiMento -   With just three weeks until the American Presidential and Congressional elections a major question about the outcome is: what will be the effect, if any, of the Presidential debates?   By November there will have been four, three between President Obama and ex-Governor Romney and one between Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan.  Debates, not required by our Constitutional system hav ...

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Notes from the American Elections. The Multi-billion dollar election: campaign contributions, new rules, spending and plans.

By Joe Di Mento -  The November elections in the United States [to be more precise the ongoing elections as in some states     citizens are already casting ballots] are projected to easily be the most expensive in United States history. The projections are for spending of up to $5.8 Billion for all federal presidential, senate, and house campaigns and over $2 billion for the Presidential campaign itself.   ...

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The November Presidential Elections in the United States: Focus: the Swing States

By Joe DiMento -  While there is a mantra in American politics that in our democracy "every vote counts" that is not the case in the upcoming Presidential election, as it has not been for many of our elections.  Fundamentally this rather depressing realization derives from the nature of decision-making in a Presidential election. We elect our President through an Electoral College system. Each state gets a ...

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Notes from the American Elections. Note dalle elezioni americane.

di Joe DiMento*. I am pleased to be reporting weekly on the United States fall elections for QuotidianoLegale. My focus will be on legal news and issues of central interest to Italians and to Europeans more generally. I aim to keep you informed about major developments, predictions of outcomes, and developing positions of the candidates. For now: my observations on the conventions, the Republican last week ...

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